Issue 2

All In Good Time

It’s been a full and productive twelve months since the inaugural issue of “All in Good Time” and here at Delicious Junction Towers we’ve been busy at it, as they say!

All in good time magazine issue one exceeded our modest expectations and we raise a glass and thank everyone who took the time to read it and inspire us to make another one.

Inspiring people in difficult times and gritty circumstances is not a conscious decision; rather it’s by the very drive, ambition and passion to create something that adds texture to the world we live in. We all do it in some shape or form – often without realising we bring colour and verve to our communities.

Mod is in the detail and we live by that motto in all we do – boots and shoes are our passion and we hope they bring a flash of style and colour to your world. Enjoy the read and keep the faith.

Del X