The Terry Rawlings Project by Delicious Junction

I got my first break writing when I was asked by Paul Weller in 1980 to put together a booklet on the Small Faces called ‘All Our Yesterdays’ which was sold at Jam gigs. It wasn’t the greatest work of literature, but I remember the pictures were fantastic.

I’d started work at Decca Records as a post boy in 1978/9 – a job that Gary Crowley passed onto me. We both got an instant record collections, as Decca’s back catalogue was second to none. And working in the post room meant you just posted what ever you wanted straight home…. Decca went bust a couple of years later!

From there, I went to Sire records elevated to receptionist operating the phones and door intercom from the second floor. Until I buzzed in a burglar who casually nicked my bosses handbag from her first floor office.  I could hear her screaming from the floor below – that I’d let a F*****g thief in.  I would have been sacked for sure, but as luck would have it, Paul Weller had come to the office to get a Small Face’s fanzine me and a mate used to knock up on the office photocopier.  Seeing him defused the situation and I just about managed to keep my job. That fanzine gave Paul the idea for ‘All Our Yesterdays’, and saved my job to boot.

Sire was home to The Ramones, The Rezillos, Undertones and The Pretenders. There’d be a band playing somewhere or other literally every night of the week. You could take your pick and choose between any one of the label’s acts; or a mate’s band like Playn Jayne, Department S, Nine Below Zero or, of course, The Jam.

Sire was later taken over by WEA and I was left alone in the office as a sort of caretaker as stock from the US was kept there. Although, a lot of it regularly found it’s way to the Record and Tape Exchange at Notting Hill!

It seemed that everyone I knew was either in a band or forming one, and not just within the Mod revival scene. Gary was working in Parker Street at a company who did press and promotion for all of the Sire bands plus The Jam. For years we were spoilt rotten and never stuck for a free lig or gig.

The Shoe

THE TERRY RAWINGS PROJECT is a collaboration with Delicious Junction and renowned music journalist and writer TERRY RAWLINGS.