‘On and off for the past 15 years, my wife and I have been on holiday to a little one time fishing village called Sant’Agnello, which is about an hour outside Naples and 20 minute walk from Sorrento in Italy. In truth, there isn’t a lot to do there and that is exactly why we go. It is a complete and utter stop from our usual busy life.

As ever, being a keen student of style, I always notice the shoes that are sold locally. We both like the suede and leather driving shoes which you can find in the lanes of central Sorrento. We always bring back a couple of pairs each every time we visit.

One day I noticed a guy in what looked like a ‘driving boot’ as opposed to a shoe. On closer inspection, it was more like a fancy desert boot. I set about trying to find a pair, but had no luck. So, I sketched my idea of what they looked like when I got back to the hotel and the design I came up with is the one which I’ve called the Sant Agnello and is a chukka boot that Delicious Junction developed and now have for sale.

To me, it has a ‘Euro Chic’ feel to them and I can see them being worn with jeans, chinos and even shorts come the Spring / Summer.

Treat your feet as someone once said and with these, you’d be doing just that.

Mark Baxter
London, Winter 2017